Top 4 Helpful Solutions For Rescuing Water-Soaked Carpets

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Top 4 Helpful Rescuing Solutions Water-Soaked Carpets

Water damaged carpet in your Sydney’s residential or commercial property does more than look unattractive. If the water is not removed immediately and appropriately, mould and other harmful pathogens can start to grow deep within the fibres and underneath, affecting your indoor air quality and overall health. Cleaning and drying carpets as soon as possible after water damage prevents you from future damage. You can take care of most of the work yourself, but in many cases, there is no substitute for professional water damage carpet drying Sydney service. So, what should you do after a severe flood or plumbing leak?

Try the helpful solutions listed below to save water-soaked carpets, or professionals if you need more thorough cleaning and repair.

1. Get rid of as much as water possible

The first and the most important step is to remove as much water as possible immediately. Mop up excess water by spreading clean towels and any absorbent fabrics over the area of wet carpet. Quickly removing the water helps minimize the damage. While you can either rent or buy one, most water extraction devices can only remove a small amount of water. If you feel overburdened and need assistance, don’t hesitate to call a reliable water damage carpet restoration company to help.

2. Dry quickly

The next important thing you can do when your carpet suffers water damage is to dry it as fast as you can. Mould and other disease-causing bacteria sets in after 24 hours. These microorganisms only require moisture to take root in your carpet and damage it for good. So, don’t just let the wet carpet air dry, either. Set up some fans to dry out the carpet and keep them running until the moisture is all gone. This is important to prevent mouth growth that could be detrimental to your health as well as your property.

3. Clean it thoroughly

Before cleaning carpets, make sure that carpets are fully dry. Once the moisture is gone, you should immediately shift your attention to actual carpet cleaning. While emergency water damage carpets Sydney is best treated by a professional, you can clean up smaller affected areas with anti-microbial cleaners to minimize any remaining moisture and freshen up the flooring.

4. Hire Professional Services

If you are unsure about your ability to rescue the carpet,  it’s time to turn to a professional carpet cleaning service. While cleaning and drying a water-soaked carpet is a good start, a severely damaged carpet due to serious water disasters often requires high-grade cleaning and drying equipment and services. The sooner you consult a professional water damage carpet restoration company, the greater chance you will have of completely restoring it. After inspecting the extent of damage, the professionals will be able to find the solution to fix it.

Restoring the original condition of your flooring covering demands the right equipment and professional tricks after the water damage. The sooner you restore wet carpet, the better the chances you will be able to get back the attractive look of your damaged carpet.

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