Water Damage Carpets Sydney

      Prime Heal Flood Restoration Sydney provides the competent Wet Carpet Drying Sydney you need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To get your carpets looking new and smelling fresh again, we just use the best and most efficient materials.


      Before we do it, we assess the extent of the damage and the proper way to repair it. Based on how long the carpets have been soaked and how the damage was caused, we will make an unbiased recommendation. Carpets that have been exposed to sewage-contaminated waters for longer than 24 hours should be thrown away as soon as possible because they are irreparable.


      Using our powerful vacuums and an innovative extraction process, we will clear stagnant water from your carpet. Then, using moisture detector software, we’ll look for any other moisture problems and make sure there’s no risk of more moisture disruption.


      We will then dry and disinfect your carpets thoroughly, using pulleys to lift and cut your mat. We will then sanitize, pressure, and steam clean your carpets before returning them to your house. Through our 24-hour professional assistance, we urge you to call as soon as the damage happens so that we can dispatch a team to your home to begin repairing the damage before it worsens.

      Water Damage Carpets Sydney

      1. For years, we’ve been performing Wet Carpet Drying Sydney,and all of our Wet Carpet Cleaning Sydney, technicians are IICRC accredited.

      2. We can be reached easily for Wet Carpet Cleaning Sydney, dry carpet cleaning Sydney 

      3. Within 1 hour of receiving your call, we will arrive and begin Wet Carpet Drying Sydney and Wet Carpet Cleaning Sydney.

      4. Our Water Damage Carpets Sydney and Wet Carpet Drying Sydneyfacility are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      Mould and Secondary Damage Can Be Prevented by Drying Wet and Flooded Carpets

      After 48 hours, a moist carpet can cause mildew germination and mould formation. This fungus buildup can be dangerous to your health and that of your family. Mould will not be visible right away.  It would make the problem worse for allergy sufferers, the elderly, children, and pregnant women. In time, the moisture of a dark, humid environment can raise these toxins.  We strongly advise that you handle your flooded carpet right away.

      Flooded water left unattended will damage both the valuable contents and the structure's integrity.

      Here’s how to perform wet carpet drying without putting your health at risk.

      Flooded carpet and structure pre-inspection and evaluation

      For a pre-inspection, contact our certified restorer, who is fitted with a specialized moisture measurement kit. Our Wet Carpet Drying Sydney technician will inspect the source of the water, the type of water damage, and any substantial harm that the water has caused to the carpet. We’ll determine the equipment needed based on the rate of evaporation from the products that have absorbed moisture after assessing the type of water damage. To assess the degree of the injury, we use water sensing equipment and thermal monitors to measure the carpet, underlay, and subfloor.

      Identifying the scope of work needed to repair and dry a flooded carpet

      We advise you of the rehabilitation method to dry the carpet and structure, sanitize and deodorize any damaged areas after analyzing the category and class of water damage. We give you an estimate of how long it will take to dry your home or office, as well as the cost. At this point, we can decide the salvageable objects and whether or not we can save your carpet and underlay.

      The action of removing water from a flood-damaged carpet

      The drying time is directly influenced by the water extraction process. As a result, we suck excess water with specialized high-pressure water extraction devices, reducing the regeneration time.

      Care for antimicrobials and mould regulation

      Mould growth may begin as a result of water damage to carpets. As a result, antimicrobial treatment on the infected area is needed before we start wet carpet drying to remove fungus accumulation.

      Fungi can be regulated and distributed to your flooded carpet with antimicrobial treatment. To avoid mould formation, we perform this procedure at the start of the drying process and after the water has been successfully extracted. If required, we also treat the subfloor for mould.

      Carpet Drying and Restoration for Wet and Flooded Areas

      We blast air straight onto the wet carpet using commercial air movers. To dry the underlay and subfloor more effectively, we can raise the carpet and position the air mover underneath it. If required, we will cut and repair broken underlays. The rug and underlying structure emit moisture into the surrounding atmosphere resulting in airflow, which we extract with LGR or Desiccant dehumidifiers.

      Water Damage Carpets Sydney FAQ

      How can I dry my wet carpet quickly?

      Provide as much airflow as possible in the damp atmosphere to help clear the odour and moisture from the space. Open windows, switch on fans and put a fan on the pavement to make it dry out. Fans with a lot of power are the perfect candidates for this job. If you have regular fans, a small amount of airflow is superior to none at all.

      How long does a wet carpet take to dry?

      24 hours

      It could take up to 24 hours for your carpets to dry, depending on what you’re using for the work. If you use fans or windows for ventilation, the process can take many days to completely dry.

      What is the most efficient way of carpet cleaning?

      Steam washing is the best method for carpet cleaning since it removes over 90% of dirt and bacteria. Dry carpet cleaning Sydney is another great way to get the carpets ready for use as quickly as possible.

      Is it necessary to employ a professional carpet cleaner?

      If your home is prone to accidents or cuts that are difficult to repair, a small cleaner may be a good investment. However, hiring a professional for more detailed cleaning of the whole carpet floor is strongly recommended.

      Is it possible to restore a water-damaged carpet?

      Before making a final call about whether or not to replace carpet with water damage, it’s vital to understand all of the factors to consider. In most cases, the best option is to substitute all of the carpeting that has been damaged by water.

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